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News Category: Translation Tools
Saturday, May 23, 2015

Linguex offers Wordfast

Linguex, a branch of the French language services company Oxia Telelangue, has acquired exclusive rights of distribution for Wordfast, computer-aided translation software developed by Yves Champollion. Wordfast is based on a translation database engine that proposes exact or approaching translations to help speed the translation process.

Wordfast includes a customizable real-time glossary and typographic checker which translation agencies can use to monitor terminology accuracy and typographic consistency over large, distributed translation projects. Wordfast works within Microsoft Word (Macintosh and PC versions), without affecting the format of the original document.

The translation database is a text file which, if saved as a Unicode file, is TMX-compatible. Segment delimiters are compatible with Workbench. The program is compact (150 Kbytes when zipped) so that translation agencies can equip translators with Wordfast by e-mail.


Linguex, 586 North First Street, Suite 218, San Jose, CA 95112, USA, 408-971-3300, Fax: 408-971-3388, E-mail:, Web:

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