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Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Uniscape announces Global Xchange for automating management of localization, Aug 19, 1998

ETP releases The Silver Bullet for project management, Aug 19, 1998

L@Port localizes multimedia content, Aug 19, 1998

Rubric publishes fifth internationalization handbook; offers ”Going Global” seminars, Aug 19, 1998

ALPNET's second quarter strong, Aug 19, 1998

Aladdin develops new piracy solutions, Aug 19, 1998

EAGLES II has second workshop, Aug 15, 1998

Font utility adds foreign OS support, Aug 03, 1998

L&H to acquire Globalink, AILogic and NeocorTech, Aug 03, 1998

Quark releases QPS 2.0 Passport and QuarkXPress 4.0 Japanese, Aug 03, 1998

Alis to localize BuyComp, Aug 03, 1998

HtmlQA steps up to version 1.3, Aug 03, 1998

MULTILIZER receives 100% Pure Java certification, Aug 03, 1998

RWS Polyglot names international board of advisors, Aug 03, 1998

Network Omni seeking project managers and translators, Aug 03, 1998

SH3 looking for translators, Aug 03, 1998

New England Translations seeks account executive, Aug 03, 1998

Positions available at TRADOS, Aug 03, 1998

Transparent Language releases 31 Languages, Jul 16, 1998

Smart Link launches Language à la Card, Jul 16, 1998

Agfa-Gevaert acquires Monotype, Jul 16, 1998

L&H Voice Xpress Plus partner for Windows 98, Jul 16, 1998

OmniPage Pro 8.0 has new multilingual features, Jul 16, 1998

LOGOS on-line dictionary becomes multilingual search engine, Jul 16, 1998

WebGenie releases ”Own Language” version of Shopping Cart, Jul 16, 1998

International Communications wins award, Jul 16, 1998

ALPNET wins GM contract, Jul 16, 1998

Transcend SDK released, Jul 16, 1998

Globalink shows beta of translation system, Jul 16, 1998

Language Partners to distribute Catalyst, Jul 16, 1998