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Thursday, October 30, 2014

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EnCompass Globalization forms alliance with International Software Products, Jun 20, 1998

ISO 9001 training for localization companies in Ireland, Jun 20, 1998

Rubric introduces Streamliner; moves headquarters, Jun 20, 1998

SimulTrans hires director of project management, Jun 20, 1998

Lionbridge continues sales force expansion, Jun 20, 1998

Bowne names heads of global client practice, marketing, Jun 20, 1998

SimulTrans Program Manager, Jun 20, 1998

WinMASS LIPI released for Indian scripts, Jun 20, 1998

Lernout & Hauspie reaches agreements with Novell and Inso Corp.; acquires AppTek, Jun 20, 1998

Dragon opens office in France, Jun 20, 1998

International Communications provides data on global Internet usage, Jun 20, 1998

WorldPoint Passport wins ”Best of Class, Jun 20, 1998

ILE patents language processing technology, Jun 20, 1998

ASET awarded Sandia contract, Jun 20, 1998

Logos offers on line translation capabilities, Jun 20, 1998

L&H Mendez receives awards, Jun 20, 1998

Multilingual Technology announces Language Variant Manager, Jun 20, 1998

InterTrans launches new Web site, Jun 20, 1998

Russian newspapers available via BackWeb push channels, Jun 20, 1998

Corel CATALYST 2.5 released, Jun 20, 1998

DLG sets up training group, Jun 20, 1998

M Squared opens testing lab, Jun 20, 1998

Adapt to certify software localization professionals, Jun 20, 1998

Nuance 6 for German released, Jun 16, 1998

Dashes and PassWord available for DEC Alpha NT, Jun 15, 1998

Intensive Cassette Courses published, Jun 15, 1998

Davka unveils new Hebrew word processor for Windows 95, Jun 15, 1998

TwinBridge releases Chinese-English two-way dictionary, Jun 15, 1998

Excalibur announces RetrievalWare for Japanese markets, Jun 15, 1998

Unitype releases Global Writer 98 Pro, Jun 12, 1998