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Monday, March 2, 2015

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Uniscape ships Global C Version 3.0, Sep 15, 1998

Atajo: Writing Assistant for Spanish v. 3.0 available, Sep 14, 1998

Enterprise Translation Server for networks, Sep 14, 1998

LMI opens European headquarters, Sep 04, 1998

Lava relew version of Japanese WordMage, Sep 03, 1998

Rosetta Stone adds Hebrew and Hindi, Sep 03, 1998

Universal Word supports over 100 languages, Sep 03, 1998

Nisus plans Windows version, Sep 03, 1998

UniDict multilingual dictionary launched, Sep 03, 1998

Routledge Spanish Technical Dictionary available on CD, Sep 03, 1998

Zi Corp. pursues hand-held market, Sep 03, 1998

WLR offers language-specific keyboards, Sep 03, 1998

Fingertip releases Cyrillic Starter Kit 4.0, Sep 03, 1998

Logos plans expansion, Sep 03, 1998

Internet translation clearinghouse begins, Sep 03, 1998

Translators seek to establish national standards, Sep 03, 1998

Language Master translates English, Ukrainian and Russian, Sep 03, 1998

Seiko's Quicktionary adds language pairs, Sep 03, 1998

ILE releases free OpenFilter, Sep 03, 1998

International Communications and Direct Language Communications merge, Sep 03, 1998

Fact Media International announces name change, Sep 03, 1998

EnCompass announces business unit for Windows CE, Sep 03, 1998

ALPNET opens office in Sweden, Sep 03, 1998

Bjondi distributes UniAPI and Character Agent free, Sep 03, 1998

EDGE 4.0 builds call center applications in local languages, Sep 03, 1998

ChinaConnect offers domain name registration service, Sep 02, 1998

Bitstream TrueDoc technology provides multilingual font capabilities, Sep 01, 1998

Bowne Software Solutions develops NetTrans, Sep 01, 1998

Language software for Windows CE released, Aug 20, 1998

Nisus Compact International introduced, Aug 20, 1998