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Friday, May 22, 2015

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LogoVista J to E released, expanding product lines, Nov 10, 1998

Marquette Medical Systems seeks translators, Nov 10, 1998

SYSTRAN and ORIGIN add translation to Ultima Online, Nov 09, 1998

InstallShield Express 2.1 enables multilingual installations, Nov 09, 1998

TurboSFX 2.1 allows messages in any Windows-supported language, Nov 09, 1998

Microsoft Research, China opened, Nov 05, 1998

Arthur Andersen selects BTS, Nov 04, 1998

Accent releases Loc@le 2.0, Nov 02, 1998

Uniscape partners with Documentum for Web-based translation, Nov 02, 1998

ForeignExchange Translations releases free translation budgeting software, Nov 02, 1998

Sakhr releases the Reading Machine, Nov 02, 1998

Newer Technology selects Twin Dragons, Nov 01, 1998

L&H and AsiaWorks partner to introduce Chinese dictation products, Nov 01, 1998

Praetorius opens Chicago office, Oct 30, 1998

Prime Net offers Tivoli IT Director, Oct 30, 1998

ALPNET announces management change, Oct 29, 1998

Sakhr releases translator suite, Oct 28, 1998

Lionbridge acquires Sochi-sha, Oct 28, 1998

Bowne chosen to localize Solaris for Chinese, Korean, Oct 27, 1998

InstallShield 5.5 International released, Oct 27, 1998

L&H reports record Q3 revenues of $54.9 million, Oct 27, 1998

Cortez accesses Accent translators, Oct 26, 1998

WLR provides audio samples; adds foreign language films, Oct 24, 1998

MultiLingual Computing releases ”, Oct 23, 1998

Global Translation expands, Oct 22, 1998

L&H technology licensed for hand-held PC and AutoPC applications, Oct 22, 1998

Sybase opens Asia Development Center, Oct 21, 1998

Rubric adds California office, Oct 19, 1998

ALPNET launches new product line, Oct 15, 1998

OneRealm -- new internationalization tools provider, Oct 15, 1998