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Monday, April 27, 2015

MultiLingual is the leading source of information for the language industry and businesses with global communications needs. Published eight times a year plus an annual index/resource directory, it is read by more than 12,000 people in 67 countries. Information and current news are also provided by and the free electronic newsletter, MultiLingual News.

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January/February, 2006



Cross-cultural customer service and translation

Call center agents around the globe are trained to communicate effectively with customers, internal and external, from other cultures. A metaphor for this is the movie Analyze This, in which comedian Billy Crystal plays a very serious-minded therapist to tough-guy Robert DiNiro's character ...

Nicaragua: the ‘New India’ for call center operations?

Nicaragua has come a long way from the days of Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas. Democracy has been in place for 15 years, and Nicaragua enjoys the lowest crime rates of any country in Central America. It has built an increasingly dynamic economy and offers competitive ...

From real world to localization classroom — and back again

Like other teachers, localization instructors continually look for material that will enhance the meaning and effectiveness of their courses and furnish students with tangible experience that grounds theory in the reality of the workplace. Students new to the world of localization quickly become aware ...

Localization World returns to Seattle

Localization World returned to Seattle, Washington — the site of its inaugural conference — and more than 420 people came from 26 countries to attend the fifth conference on October 25-27, 2005. Major sponsorship was provided by Lionbridge Technologies (platinum) ...

Columns and Commentary

Off the Map: Navigating the unknown risks in culture

When a cartographer builds a new map, he or she employs standard processes of selection, generalization and symbolization, while remaining ever cognizant that there are facts, variables and aspects of the representation that remain relatively unknown. This geographic uncertainty is not at all ...

World Savvy: Plane talking

Getting into an airplane is an act of faith. We assume that the plane has been serviced and has enough fuel and that the pilots and crew are capable. What goes unsaid is whether the crew can communicate with each other, with the passengers, control tower, air traffic controllers around the world ...

Step by Step: Choosing a vendor for localization

Selecting the right localization vendor is about building relationships, integrating processes and working together as a team. Price cannot and should not be your only, or even your primary, criterion. When you select a vendor, you are entering into a long-term relationship ...

Takeaway: Authors, localizers and language barriers

During the keynote panel for the recent Localization World conference in Seattle, Rory Cowan (CEO of Lionbridge) admonished us vendors that "we shouldn't be telling authors what to write." As the moderator of that panel (I had initially thought the term referee would be more apt ...

Post Editing: MultiLingual: So, what's new?

What's new is partly substance — our increasingly wide-ranging subject matter — and partly a matter of style. For starters, we shortened the title from MultiLingual Computing & Technology to MultiLingual (which is what many of you called us already). And then we thought about how we wanted the magazine ...

Getting Started Guide

Defining Europe

If you ask Europeans which countries are included in Europe, you may get many different answers. The definition of Europe depends on whether you look at Europe from a geographical, political or cultural point of view. One thing, however, is widely accepted ...

How Eastern Europe Fits Into the European Translation Market

Because I am the American CEO of a localization company in Eastern Europe and because I have lived in the region for more than 13 years, you might expect a unique perspective. My observations will, however, probably seem quite standard and will ...

Doing Business Requires Local Know-how

Europe is a highly profitable market but very different from North America or Asia. To market your products and services successfully in Europe, you need someone who knows the markets, who understands the languages and the local cultures — someone who knows ...

Working With the French: A Point of View

Much has been written on the topic of the values and behavior of Americans, which I have used for giving seminars and classes on that topic to the French over the years. During the past fifteen years I have lived, studied and worked in the corporate and business world in France ...

Are you Linguistically Legal for European Business?

Vegetarian chicken curry. That is what I read on a restaurant menu while on one of many of my global travels! Do I get a vegetarian chicken, a vegetarian curry with some chicken thrown in or a chicken curry with vegetables? If I were allergic to chicken, to vegetarian chickens ...


Heartsome Translation Suite

Any freelancer contemplating the purchase or upgrade of translation memory (TM) software must consider a package that addresses his or her own needs while interfacing effectively with the TM databases employed by large language service providers and corporations ...

Alchemy CATALYST 6.0

Alchemy CATALYST consists of several editors, tools and experts as well as optional plug-ins or components. The Alchemy CATALYST Project Editor is the main interface that translators, engineers and project managers use to localize, test and engineer software applications ...

TRADOS for Dummies

A lesser-known fact about software is that when it's not used, it gathers a sort of virtual dust. The program itself — say, a nifty typesetting program or a backup system guaranteed to save your data — may be installed on the computer, but if it's not used frequently ...


The evolution of character encoding

This article is an effort to help people understand the concepts and practices involved in representing and using the characters of written language in the digital world. I have based the technical framework of this article on the model of character encoding outlined by ...

A user poll: access to the Unicode Standard

The Unicode Standard has been in publication since 1991, and it is now in version 4.1. Originally, the only documentation was the book, later augmented by a CD-ROM. The CD-ROM contains a copy of the Unicode Character Database (UCD), which is also available online. Since Unicode 3.0 ...


Learning about translation support tools at the 2005 ATA conference

Raised hands indicated that about one-third of the 200-plus language professionals attending the morning session of the American Translators Association’s translation tools forum on November 11 used no translation memory (TM) tools; a large number of the others used either TRADOS ...

Speeding up the building of multilingual applications

A critical and costly task in any multilingual project is the building and enrichment of terminologies. Up to now the process has been the real stumbling block to quality translation, whether carried out by professional translators or by automatic translation systems such as ...

Product profile: A corpus-based approach

In a recent survey, a cross-section of MultiCorpora R&D customers responded to questions about what was important and necessary for broader adoption and greater benefit realization from translation memory (TM) technology. These users were in government organizations ...

Translation tools come full circle

I recently spent some time on the phone with a multilanguage vendor client who was desperate because he had to translate repetitive text without a translation environment solution in place. When I got off the phone, I realized how far we've come in our industry ...