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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

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June, 1997
Out of My Mind: Polar Expeditions
Seth Thomas Schneider
Language, Technology and Beyond
HTML Authoring for Translation — Ultan Ó Broin
Russian Word Processing With Windows 95 — Galina Raff and Peter Cassetta
How Translation Tools Help — Willem Stoeller
Alif ba' ta' & Yaseen
Jackie Margida
LanguageNow! Version 5.0
Jonathon Edlow
Web Translation Made Easy — Scott Nesbitt



March, 1997
Out of My Mind: Hey Hose Boy!
Seth Thomas Schneider
MIME, Internet Mail and CJK — John Delacour
Trade Fairs in the Export Marketing Mix — Steve Hatch
Culturalizing Software for Japan — Jack Bernstein
Localizing Lotus Notes Applications — Thierry Mayeur
Consolidation in the Language Business — John Freivalds
Tango Multilingual Browser — Edward Cherlin
The Language Engineering Directory 1996
Mike Bennett
The Coming Industry of Teletranslation
John Freivalds
Who owns Translation Databases? — Mark Berry
Tips for Preparing Your Document for Translation
Adam Jones



December, 1996
Publishing Web pages in Japanese — Rafael Santos
Out of My Mind: Cyber Loafing
Seth Thomas Schneider
Languages on the World Wide Web — Isa Gucciardi
Internationalizing the Web — Vartan Piroumian
Multilingual European Call Centers — Margaret Molloy
Localization Bibliography — Emmanuel Uren
Profile: Polyglot International
S-Tagger Converts Between FrameMaker and Workbench
Charon O’Brien and Robert Barany
Spectra Kanji Offers Relational Approach to Kanji Learning
Douglas Horn
Sakhr’s al-Ustadh 3.12 Arabic-English Word Processor
Nicholas Heer
The Unicode Standard Version 2.0
Edward Cherlin
Accent Duo With Translation 2.0a (French/English)
Scott Nesbitt
TriplePlayPlus! Spanish
Nancy King
Building Language Technology Bridges — Colin Brace
Translation Software in the New Age — Mark Miller
Making MS Word Multilingual — Randy Dowell



May, 1996
No Pain No Gain — Jack Dai
Asian Computing Internet Resources — Douglas Horn
Out of My Mind: The Language of Morse Code
Seth Thomas Schneider
Translations Services Go On-line — Edith Westfall
Perl to the Rescue — Ken Lunde
Operating System Support for Unicode — Edward Cherlin
Developing Truly International Applications — John G. Nelson
Internationalizing Bank Terminals — Dean Abranson
The Yin & Yang of Software Piracy in China — Chengchi Wang
I is for Innovative
Foreign Language Adaptation for Video — Isa Gucciardi
Europe's Language Technology Push — Colin Brace
Adventures in Typesetting Multilingual Chinese — Craig Preston



November, 1995
A Japanese Internet Primer — Douglas Horn
Chinese Character Tutor — Tom Huang
Ziran Input 5.02 for Chinese Windows. — James Lin
On-line Reference for Japanese, Chinese and Korean Computing — Ken Lunde
Out of My Mind: If It Works, Don't Fix It
Seth Thomas Schneider
Opening the China Software Market — Ken Wasch
Arabic and Hebrew Text Layout in Windows 95 — Nadine Kano
Write Once and Sell Everywhere — Richard Stratton
Asian Software Localization — Bethany Bennett
No One Else Can Do It Right — John Freivalds
Accelerating Learning with Translation Software — Vladimir Draitser
Harness the Power and Learn to Speak Spanish or Japanese.
Nancy King
Software Tools for Professional Translation — Colin Brace
Legal Interpretation — Isa Gucciardi
Windows 95 Versus Macintosh 88 — Jon Golding
Worldwide Languages and the Macintosh — Emmanuel Uren









Viewing 141 - 144 of 144 issues