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Saturday, January 31, 2015

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August, 1998
Out of My Mind:
Seth Thomas Schneider
Dynamic vs. Static Multilingual Web Sites — Magdalena Sole
Online Dictionaries and Automatic Translation — Scott Nesbitt
The Future of Language Technology in Europe — Reinhard Schäler
Creating Easily Localizable Graphics — Ultan Ó Broin
Your First Localization Project — Phebe Packer and Lelanie Hellmer
Java Localization with Resource Bundles — John O’Conner
Views on Global Desktop Publishing
Debra Webster
Microsoft’s Localization Strategy — Nadine Kano
Surf’s Up! Web Site Workbooks — Becky Bennett
T1 Professional 3.0
Dieter Waltermann
How to Build a Successful International Web Site
Wei-Tai Kwok
TransLinGo! 1.0
Scott Nesbitt
Multiple Language Text on the Macintosh — Nyr Indictor



June, 1998
Out of My Mind: Heads Up, Heads Down!
Seth Thomas Schneider
Inside an Expanding STAR — Mike Bennett
Bidirectional HTML Localization — Ultan Ó Broin
XML and Internet Internationalization — Tony Graham
Testing Localized Asian Software — W. Michael Rollins
Java Internationalization: An Overview — John O’Conner
Computing in Vietnamese — James Turley
IntelliScope Language Recognizer 2.0
Florence Reeder
Translation Aide
Scott Nesbitt



April, 1998
Dealing with Hong Kong Specific Characters — Dirk Meyer
Out of My Mind: Best, Bester and Bestest!
Seth Thomas Schneider
Localization: Key Link in Sykes’ Strategy — Mike Bennett
Towards a Truly Worldwide Web — Stuart Culshaw
Tooling Up for Asian Web Site Development — Sudao Qiu, Richard Finkelstein and Paul Kam
Rhapsody is Music for the World — Christopher Ott
Teaching Software Internationalization
John O’ Conner and Bill Hall
HtmlQA 1.2 — Ultan Ó Broin
Creating Worldwide Software
Mandy Pet
Accent WordPoint
Scott Nesbitt



February, 1998
Out of My Mind: Confined Space Wiring
Seth Thomas Schneider
Localization Trends For 1998 — Mike Bennett
Finding the Chinese Characters You Need — Ken Lunde
Strategy for Global Software Distribution — Tom Shapiro
Java Development Kit 1.1 — Vartan Piroumian
Computing In Thailand Today — James Turley
eMail 97
Donna Parrish
CyberStudio 2.0.1
Sinian Xiao
The Multilingual Web Guide
Yoshi Mikami
SILC Version 2.2 — Florence Reeder



December, 1997
Microsoft's Multilingual Web Site Strategy — Randi Bussin
Out of My Mind: The Hard & Cold Facts
Seth Thomas Schneider
Managing A MultiLingual Web Site — Rebecca Ray (Simultrans Seminar)
Building Internationalized Relational Databases — Mandy Pet
Windows NT 5.0's MultiLingual Capabilities — Nadine Kano
InstallShield5 Makes Going International Easier
Donna Parrish
How Windows 95 Handles Cyrillic — Galina Raff
Industry Pioneer Jaap Van Der Meer — Colin Brace
Spanish — Your Way 2.0
Nancy Miller
Tsunami MT 6.0
Scott Nesbitt
Travel Talk Spanish 1.0
Richard Tuttle
Trans Web Express 1.0
Ultan Ó Broin



October, 1997
Managing In-House Translation — Mike Bennett
Out of My Mind: Mug Shots…
Seth Thomas Schneider
Laying out Hebrew in Adobe Illustrator — C. Nolan Huizenga and George Tucker
Build and Promote Your Multilingual Web Site — Wei-Tai Kwok
So You’re Responsible for International Localization? — Christine Johnson and Andy Brinson
A First Look at CATALYST — Willem Stoeller
Eat the Way Your Mama Taught You — Greg Bathon
IRISPen Translator English To/From German
Becky Bennett
KanjiScan, Version 1.0
Scott Nesbitt
Reading Japanese, Version 1.1
Robert Lucente



August, 1997
Entering Simplified and Traditional Chinese Text — Susan Lasovick
Out of My Mind: Looking Ahead
Seth Thomas Schneider
The language Market Through 2005 — Joel Sawyer
Defining A Translation Database Exchange Format — Deborah Fry
International Software Quality Assurance — Pauline Cho (Simultrans Seminar)
Office 97’s Hidden Language Features — Edward Cherlin
Database Search Engines for Web Development
Susana Turbitt
Surfing the Web, Asian Style — Scott Nesbitt



June, 1997
Out of My Mind: Polar Expeditions
Seth Thomas Schneider
Language, Technology and Beyond
HTML Authoring for Translation — Ultan Ó Broin
Russian Word Processing With Windows 95 — Galina Raff and Peter Cassetta
How Translation Tools Help — Willem Stoeller
Alif ba' ta' & Yaseen
Jackie Margida
LanguageNow! Version 5.0
Jonathon Edlow
Web Translation Made Easy — Scott Nesbitt



March, 1997
Out of My Mind: Hey Hose Boy!
Seth Thomas Schneider
MIME, Internet Mail and CJK — John Delacour
Trade Fairs in the Export Marketing Mix — Steve Hatch
Culturalizing Software for Japan — Jack Bernstein
Localizing Lotus Notes Applications — Thierry Mayeur
Consolidation in the Language Business — John Freivalds
Tango Multilingual Browser — Edward Cherlin
The Language Engineering Directory 1996
Mike Bennett
The Coming Industry of Teletranslation
John Freivalds
Who owns Translation Databases? — Mark Berry
Tips for Preparing Your Document for Translation
Adam Jones



December, 1996
Publishing Web pages in Japanese — Rafael Santos
Out of My Mind: Cyber Loafing
Seth Thomas Schneider
Languages on the World Wide Web — Isa Gucciardi
Internationalizing the Web — Vartan Piroumian
Multilingual European Call Centers — Margaret Molloy
Localization Bibliography — Emmanuel Uren
Profile: Polyglot International
S-Tagger Converts Between FrameMaker and Workbench
Charon O’Brien and Robert Barany
Spectra Kanji Offers Relational Approach to Kanji Learning
Douglas Horn
Sakhr’s al-Ustadh 3.12 Arabic-English Word Processor
Nicholas Heer
The Unicode Standard Version 2.0
Edward Cherlin
Accent Duo With Translation 2.0a (French/English)
Scott Nesbitt
TriplePlayPlus! Spanish
Nancy King
Building Language Technology Bridges — Colin Brace
Translation Software in the New Age — Mark Miller
Making MS Word Multilingual — Randy Dowell




Viewing 141 - 144 of 144 issues