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Monday, May 25, 2015

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April/May, 1999
Out of My Mind: Stars Aligned
Seth Thomas Schneider
Double-byte Characters in Visual Basic
Masaki Itagaki
International Character Set Conversions in Java
John O’Conner
OpenType Font Format
Ken Lunde
Computing in Klingon and D’ni — Laurel Wagers
Using Translation Tools for Web Sites
Susan Turbitt
SDL: Strategy for Growth
Mike Bennett
Top 10 Errors in Internationalization — Michael Slinn
Sharing the Challenges of Localization Management
Allyn Vannoy
Japanese Word Book CD-ROM
Scott Nesbitt
Galina Raff
DynaLab Unicode Font
Scott Nesbitt
LanguageLink 97 Professional
Scott Nesbitt
Readiris 4.0
Mireille Moulin
Glenn’s Guide to Translation Agencies — Laurel Wagers
Translation Technology Trends — Mike Bennett
Office2000’s Language Features — Chris Pratley



December, 1998
Out of My Mind: Challenging Translation Memory
Seth Thomas Schneider
Sending Non-Latin Scripts by E-Mail — Ron Myers
A Checklist for Preparing Global Documentation — Daniel S. Payne
An Overview of The Unicode Standard 2.1 — Andrea S. Vine
Cross-Locale CJKV Code Conversion
Debra Webster
Displaying Unicode Characters With Java
John O’Conner
Computing in Mongolian — James Turley
Software Localization: Facts, Figures, Trends — Reinhard Schäler
The Nightmare Before Christmas — Michael Cardenas
Visual Basic Localization: An Integrated Approach — Andrei Link and Colin Daniell
An International Viewpoint — Mike Bennett
LMI Gets Closer to Clients
Mike Bennett
Language Teacher Professional ER486T
Aric Spence
J-Text Pro 1.1
Scott Nesbitt



October, 1998
Out of My Mind: Caught in the act
Seth Thomas Schneider
The Technical Content of TMX 1.1
Sarah Carroll
Creating a Multilingual User Interface With Java
John O’Conner
Uniscape’s Global C — Wes Nakamura
First Look at Accent Loc@le
Willem Stoeller
Computing in Tibetan
James Turley
European Language Laws on Localization
Norbert Kalfon and Kaija Poysti
Certified Localisation Professional
Helen J. Wybrants
Localizing Multimedia
Debra Webster
Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Vietnamese Computing
Carl Hoffman
WinMASS Pro 3.0
Scott Nesbitt
Global Writer 98 Professional
Tsuguya Sasaki
Typhoon MT 6.0
Scott Nesbitt
Tips for Writing Globally
Dovie Wylie
Improving Translation Consistency
Ursula Muhlaus-Moyer
International Currency Symbols
Nyr Indictor



August, 1998
Out of My Mind:
Seth Thomas Schneider
Dynamic vs. Static Multilingual Web Sites — Magdalena Sole
Online Dictionaries and Automatic Translation — Scott Nesbitt
The Future of Language Technology in Europe — Reinhard Schäler
Creating Easily Localizable Graphics — Ultan Ó Broin
Your First Localization Project — Phebe Packer and Lelanie Hellmer
Java Localization with Resource Bundles — John O’Conner
Views on Global Desktop Publishing
Debra Webster
Microsoft’s Localization Strategy — Nadine Kano
Surf’s Up! Web Site Workbooks — Becky Bennett
T1 Professional 3.0
Dieter Waltermann
How to Build a Successful International Web Site
Wei-Tai Kwok
TransLinGo! 1.0
Scott Nesbitt
Multiple Language Text on the Macintosh — Nyr Indictor



June, 1998
Out of My Mind: Heads Up, Heads Down!
Seth Thomas Schneider
Inside an Expanding STAR — Mike Bennett
Bidirectional HTML Localization — Ultan Ó Broin
XML and Internet Internationalization — Tony Graham
Testing Localized Asian Software — W. Michael Rollins
Java Internationalization: An Overview — John O’Conner
Computing in Vietnamese — James Turley
IntelliScope Language Recognizer 2.0
Florence Reeder
Translation Aide
Scott Nesbitt



April, 1998
Dealing with Hong Kong Specific Characters — Dirk Meyer
Out of My Mind: Best, Bester and Bestest!
Seth Thomas Schneider
Localization: Key Link in Sykes’ Strategy — Mike Bennett
Towards a Truly Worldwide Web — Stuart Culshaw
Tooling Up for Asian Web Site Development — Sudao Qiu, Richard Finkelstein and Paul Kam
Rhapsody is Music for the World — Christopher Ott
Teaching Software Internationalization
John O’ Conner and Bill Hall
HtmlQA 1.2 — Ultan Ó Broin
Creating Worldwide Software
Mandy Pet
Accent WordPoint
Scott Nesbitt



February, 1998
Out of My Mind: Confined Space Wiring
Seth Thomas Schneider
Localization Trends For 1998 — Mike Bennett
Finding the Chinese Characters You Need — Ken Lunde
Strategy for Global Software Distribution — Tom Shapiro
Java Development Kit 1.1 — Vartan Piroumian
Computing In Thailand Today — James Turley
eMail 97
Donna Parrish
CyberStudio 2.0.1
Sinian Xiao
The Multilingual Web Guide
Yoshi Mikami
SILC Version 2.2 — Florence Reeder



December, 1997
Microsoft's Multilingual Web Site Strategy — Randi Bussin
Out of My Mind: The Hard & Cold Facts
Seth Thomas Schneider
Managing A MultiLingual Web Site — Rebecca Ray (Simultrans Seminar)
Building Internationalized Relational Databases — Mandy Pet
Windows NT 5.0's MultiLingual Capabilities — Nadine Kano
InstallShield5 Makes Going International Easier
Donna Parrish
How Windows 95 Handles Cyrillic — Galina Raff
Industry Pioneer Jaap Van Der Meer — Colin Brace
Spanish — Your Way 2.0
Nancy Miller
Tsunami MT 6.0
Scott Nesbitt
Travel Talk Spanish 1.0
Richard Tuttle
Trans Web Express 1.0
Ultan Ó Broin



October, 1997
Managing In-House Translation — Mike Bennett
Out of My Mind: Mug Shots…
Seth Thomas Schneider
Laying out Hebrew in Adobe Illustrator — C. Nolan Huizenga and George Tucker
Build and Promote Your Multilingual Web Site — Wei-Tai Kwok
So You’re Responsible for International Localization? — Christine Johnson and Andy Brinson
A First Look at CATALYST — Willem Stoeller
Eat the Way Your Mama Taught You — Greg Bathon
IRISPen Translator English To/From German
Becky Bennett
KanjiScan, Version 1.0
Scott Nesbitt
Reading Japanese, Version 1.1
Robert Lucente



August, 1997
Entering Simplified and Traditional Chinese Text — Susan Lasovick
Out of My Mind: Looking Ahead
Seth Thomas Schneider
The language Market Through 2005 — Joel Sawyer
Defining A Translation Database Exchange Format — Deborah Fry
International Software Quality Assurance — Pauline Cho (Simultrans Seminar)
Office 97’s Hidden Language Features — Edward Cherlin
Database Search Engines for Web Development
Susana Turbitt
Surfing the Web, Asian Style — Scott Nesbitt




Viewing 141 - 144 of 144 issues