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February 1998

SILC Version 2.2

Identifying your source language and character encoding is automatic with this tool

December 1997

Spanish — Your Way 2.0

Immersion for the intermediate student with controllable speech options

December 1997

Tsunami MT 6.0

NeocorTech adds more Japanese text editing, learning features to their translation software

December 1997

Travel Talk Spanish 1.0

A conversational confidence builder employing speech recognition

December 1997

Trans Web Express 1.0

Analysis, editing and quality assurance suite for Web site localization

October 1997

IRISPen Translator English To/From German

A lot of power is packed in this highlighter sized OCR pen

October 1997

KanjiScan, Version 1.0

A powerful and flexible Japanese OCR

October 1997

Reading Japanese, Version 1.1

RJ automates the identification of kanji

August 1997

Database Search Engines for Web Development

A review of two data retrieval tools for Web developers

June 1997

Alif ba' ta' & Yaseen

This colorful CD-ROM can teach you the Arabic language and alphabet

June 1997

LanguageNow! Version 5.0

Seven different language versions provide help with real-life reading

December 1996

Spectra Kanji Offers Relational Approach to Kanji Learning

A new model for Japanese character and vocabulary learning

December 1996

Sakhr’s al-Ustadh 3.12 Arabic-English Word Processor

This word processor has so many features that it is certain to appeal to all those who do work in Arabic on their computers

December 1996

Accent Duo With Translation 2.0a (French/English)

Accent Duo With Translation combines a multilingual word processor with an interactive translation tool

December 1996

TriplePlayPlus! Spanish

A product the whole family will find both educational and fun

November 1995

Harness the Power and Learn to Speak Spanish or Japanese.

Bay Ware’s Power Spanish and Power Japanese offer novice language students an excellent learning resource

September 1995

Transparent Language 3.0

Toss the dictionary, pass the mouse for the Transparent Language Now! series


Viewing 101 - 108 of 108 articles