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January/February 2009

Global Business Leadership

"My grandfather spoke only French, and until I was 14, I thought he had a speech impediment," a vice president (VP) and native of the southern United States once announced to a product internationalization team assembled from Europe, Asia and the Middle East ...

December 2008

Bastard Tongues

Even nonlinguists may have heard of Derek Bickerton from a profile in the April 1992 issue of Discover highlighting his career and the controversies surrounding his ideas about language. In the world of linguistics, however, Bickerton is extremely well known ...

December 2008

The Stuff of Thought

Chances are that most educated people interested in language have heard of linguists like Deborah Tannen (author of You Just Don't Understand and Talking from 9 to 5) and John McWhorter (author of The Word on the Street and All About the Beat) ...

October/November 2008

Screwed Up English

Most of us have seen them while traveling abroad or sightseeing in ethnic neighborhoods: signs purportedly in English but leaving fluent speakers scratching their heads in bewilderment or amusement. How did the writer pick that word ...

July/August 2008

The Global English Style Guide

The subtitle of John Kohl's new how-to text admirably captures both the goal and the achievement of this book. Written in a style and format comparable to those of many college-level composition and writing textbooks, but intended for individuals' independent use ...

June 2008

The Translator: A Tribesman's Memoir of Darfur

The Translator is a snapshot, an autobiography of one life among millions, rather than a textbook example of how to conduct interpretation sessions. Recently featured on US National Public Radio and reviewed by many other media outlets ...

March 2008

Persuasive Games

As Ian Bogost points out in Persuasive Games: The Expressive Power of Videogames, in spite of their commercial success, videogames "struggle for acceptance as a cultural norm." The US videogames' market is growing at 25% per year ...

March 2008

The Culture Code

You cannot throw a rock in an airport bookstore these days without hitting half a dozen books offering "insights into global branding." The Culture Code by French marketing guru and psychoanalyst Clotaire Rapaille is yet another ...

January/February 2008

Bit Literacy

All neat desks are neat in the same way, but each messy desk is messy in its own unique way. It often starts with preliminarily neat stacks of bills, mementos, reference books, periodicals, flyers, coupons, writing implements — and soon enough ...

September 2007

The Defence of French: A Language in Crisis?

As a native French speaker, I sometimes feel that there is a pitched battle going on against my language. While I am ready to go at it "hammer and tongue," I am also aware that many resources — communications, news items, documents ...

July/August 2007

Translation and Identity

Coming to a nonfiction book, one expects one of two things. In most cases, the book will provide the reader with information nuggets that can be placed into the reader's existing framework of the world. In a few cases, a book will help ...

June 2007

An interview with Graham Fraser

Among the challenges to implementing the federal language policy in Canada cited in the conclusion to his book Sorry, I Don't Speak French, Graham Fraser identifies a persistent perception ...

June 2007

Sorry, I Don’t Speak French: Confronting the Canadian crisis that won’t go away

In February 1998, 60 Minutes, a popular investigative television news magazine in the United States, tackled Bill 101 (which is, in fact, a law), Québec's language policy. Morley Safer treated his audience to amusing anecdotes ...

June 2007

Localization of Information Technology: An Introduction

Ravi Kumar Jain Banda has collected a number of interesting introductory articles on localization, with a strong focus on the importance of localization as a means to bridge the "Digital Divide." In contrast to most other books and articles on localization technologies ...

June 2007

The Culturally Customized Web Site: Customizing Web Sites for the Global Marketplace

In The Culturally Customized Web Site, Nitish Singh and Arun Pereira attempt to go much further than the mere "localization" of web content. They posit that websites must now be culturally customized with design features that reflect ...

April/May 2007

Software Without Borders

Outsourcing remains one of the hot information technology issues of the day, one that has received much negative press, misinformed comment, and a good deal of hype from political, social and economic commentators. IDC, the research arm of ...

March 2007

Perspectives on Localization

Keiran J. Dunne has collected a number of highly informative articles on the key aspects of localization. Each group of articles in a chapter discusses a key topic - such as terminology management, cost and ROI (return on investment), standards or education from different sides ...

March 2007

How to Succeed as a Freelance Translator and The Translator’s Handbook, 6th Revised Edition

Falling into it - that's how most of my colleagues describe their careers. Not as mapped, planned-out, charted life choices but rather a usually happy set of coincidences and disasters which led them to their home-based offices and the stack of invoices they issue every month ...

December 2006

The Unicode Standard, Version 5.0

By now, probably no one reading this magazine hasn't at least heard of Unicode. In its fifteen-year history, Unicode has become the character encoding standard of choice in new applications. It's the default encoding of HTML and XML ...

July/August 2006

Empires of the Word: A Language History of the World

Linguist Nicholas Ostler has written a complex, impressively detailed book that attempts to answer some very tough questions about language history. Why do some languages, such as Spanish and English, spread around the world and seem to endure forever, while others ...

June 2006

Divided by a Common Language

Christopher Davies prefaces his book with George Bernard Shaw's famous dictum, "England and America are two countries divided by a common language" (p. viii), and to judge by Davies' potpourri of US and British dialect differences, Shaw ...

April/May 2006

Hispanic Marketing: A Cultural Perspective

In 2004 Common Sense Advisory conducted an experiment in e-mail response. We sent questions to the websites of the top 100 global brands. Using mostly online forms at the corporate websites and sending some e-mails to the info@ mailbox ...

March 2006

Technical Communication-international: Today and in the Future

A snapshot of the profession from 17 countries

December 2005

L’industria della traduzione

The first book on the Italian translation industry

December 2005

Translation Contract

Sample contracts for the translation buyer and seller




Viewing 26 - 50 of 70 articles