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Back issues are available in digtal format and many are also available in print.The topics listed are just a sample of what you will find, each issue has much more than we can list here.

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October/November 2008

ToolBook Translation System

ToolBook is a widely used e-learning authoring tool made by SumTotal Systems. In fact, ToolBook won the 2007 Platinum Award from the eLearning Guild as the software learning system most used by large corporations ...

September 2008

LEC Power Translator 12

The machine translation (MT) tool LEC Power Translator (PT) 12 is available in three multilingual versions: Premium, World and Euro. LEC PT 12 Premium translates from and into French, English, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese ...

June 2008

Lingvo 12 Multilingual Edition

The Lingvo electronic dictionary, well-known in Russian-speaking countries, was likely the best-selling electronic dictionary in the former Soviet Union. Lingvo 1.0 was published back in 1990 and ran under DOS. As the hardware and operating systems evolved ...

April/May 2008

Jost Zetzsche's new site puts a uniform comparison format to translation environment tool (TEnT) vendors so that you can see before you buy. Freelancers can now dabble before they take the plunge, while developers ...

March 2008

Adobe Technical Communication Suite

Adobe Technical Communication Suite is the first packaged release of four great products — FrameMaker, RoboHelp, Captivate and Adobe Acrobat. Its release is a boon for technical communicators. If you've needed Word 2007 support ...

January/February 2008

SDL Passolo 2007

SDL Passolo 2007, developed by PASS Engineering, Germany, is a tool specialized on localizing software-related file formats. It supports formats such as executable programs, resource files and XML-based files and can handle translation ...

December 2007

SDL Trados 2007

SDL Trados consists of the formerly independent and now bundled translation memory (TM) products SDLX and Trados, meaning customers receive two products that were previously sold separately. SDLX features a modular architecture ...

October/November 2007


Alchemy CATALYST 7.0 is a translation and localization tool designed for localization professionals who translate software, websites and online help. It differs from other tools by offering a highly visual approach ...

October/November 2007

Integrating PASSOLO into SDL

On June 19, 2007, SDL announced the acquisition of PASS Engineering, the developers of the software localization tool Passolo. This announcement came almost exactly two years after the acquisition of TRADOS by SDL on June 21, 2005 ...

September 2007


As any translation professional who has been on the scene awhile now would know, the translation industry has been undergoing a revolution since the early 1990s. Digital content, the internet, localization, internationalization — we have ...

March 2007

SDL TRADOS Certification

Almost a year ago now - in May 2006 - SDL came up with an ambitious plan of putting together an "SDL TRADOS Certification" package. Following on the footsteps of Microsoft and other big ones, SDL aimed at crossing training over from the cost to revenue side of the ledger ...

January/February 2007

A comparison of translation QA products

Translation quality assurance software (TQA tools) compares source and target segments of bilingual texts (saved in .doc, .rtf and .ttx files) in order to detect translation errors. Such errors include inconsistencies; terms that have ...

December 2006


When Rory Cowan from Lionbridge tells us that Logoport works, we believe him because we know that he has the people and the resources to make it work. When Tim Hunt tells us that Lingotek is not only as web-enabled as Logoport, but also ...

July/August 2006


PASSOLO, the PASS Software Localizer by PASS Engineering, Germany, offers support for a wide range of software file formats such as executables, resource files and XML-based files such as XLIFF. Through optional add-ins, PASSOLO can further deal with ...

June 2006


For those of us who have worked with translation memory (TM) tools, terminology databases and project management components within a localization project, their complexity and the multitude of settings that can influence word-count statistics ...

January/February 2006

Heartsome Translation Suite

Any freelancer contemplating the purchase or upgrade of translation memory (TM) software must consider a package that addresses his or her own needs while interfacing effectively with the TM databases employed by large language service providers and corporations ...

January/February 2006

Alchemy CATALYST 6.0

Alchemy CATALYST consists of several editors, tools and experts as well as optional plug-ins or components. The Alchemy CATALYST Project Editor is the main interface that translators, engineers and project managers use to localize, test and engineer software applications ...

January/February 2006

TRADOS for Dummies

A lesser-known fact about software is that when it's not used, it gathers a sort of virtual dust. The program itself — say, a nifty typesetting program or a backup system guaranteed to save your data — may be installed on the computer, but if it's not used frequently ...

July/August 2005

RC-WinTrans 8

Great tool for localization of Windows software

June 2005

across Version 3

A great concept and price-to-performance ratio

April/May 2005

RapidTranslation 4.0

A reasonably priced solution for software developers

March 2005

Lingobit Localizer 3.5

Full-featured solution for large and small projects

January/February 2005


The tool of choice for localizing .NET applications

January/February 2005

SYSTRAN Professional Premium 5

One of the best MT solutions available

December 2004

Pocket PROMT 4.0

A useful MT application for Pocket PCs




Viewing 26 - 50 of 108 articles