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Friday, May 22, 2015


Open source localization

Jeff Beatty & Staś Małolepszy

The open source movement is about open development and design of software applications. Open source software is not developed behind closed doors by a small team of developers, but in the open, and by everyone willing to enhance the application through their own time commitment and expertise. This philosophy automatically lends itself to the recently popular crowdsourcing methodology — organizing a volunteer community to perform a given task for your organization. For open source, that task is generally software engineering. For us at Mozilla, it means a lot more.

At Mozilla, we’re all about the web. We love the web. Our mission is centered on putting the power of the web into people’s hands, working on behalf of you, the user, and promoting openness, innovation and opportunity on the web. We believe the web belongs to the people who make it and use it, no matter where they are or what language they speak. This being the case, we place localization very high on our list of priorities. We have an innovative vision for what open localization should look like. We’re excited to share this vision with everyone else who wants to see a more open and collaborative form of localization. Through developing open localization technology, we’re hoping to accomplish three main goals: cause a linguistic power shift from source code engineers to localizers, improve localizers’ ability to freely express themselves while localizing an application, and improve localizability within web and mobile technology. We’ve been developing some new localization technologies that we think have the potential to accomplish these goals. . .

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Above excerpt taken from the January/February 2013 issue of MultiLingual published by MultiLingual Computing, Inc., 319 North First Avenue, Suite 2, Sandpoint, Idaho 83864-1495 USA, 208-263-8178, Fax: 208-263-6310. Subscribe

January/February, 2013