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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Industry Focus

Gamification is serious business

Christopher S. Carter

It's a beautiful summer day and you're in your Volkswagen with the windows down, driving around the suburbs of Stockholm. But you're exceeding the speed limit. That's a shame — the Swedish National Society for Road Safety in Stockholm has already started their Speed Camera Lottery program, and you just made someone else's day.  

The Swedish road safety program was started in early 2011 as an attempt to make more drivers obey speed limits. Cameras take pictures of drivers while measuring their speed, and if your car is over the limit, you will have to pay a fine. However, in this unique program, even drivers going below the speed limit are photographed, and these safe drivers are entered into a lottery to win the money paid as fines by the speeders. In the first three days that this program was tested, taking pictures of almost 25,000 cars, the average speed dropped by 22%. Focusing on positive reinforcement (lottery) instead of negative reinforcement (fines) had dramatic results. And this was all because of Sweden’s intentional use of gamification. . .

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June, 2012