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Monday, May 25, 2015

Columns and Commentary

Macro/Micro: How the Occupy movement affects language business

Terena Bell

Indeed, with all the anti-corporation rhetoric circulated by the Occupy movement and elsewhere, it’s really easy to forget that businesses are run by people. In Every Language may not be a person, but I am. My assistant Abigail is one and our bookkeeper Peggy is also a person. In fact, every employee we have working here is, well, a person. No Data from Star Trek or robots of any other type. We’re people. But this is a fact that’s easily forgettable in today’s social climate.

Perhaps I think this way because I hang out with hipsters, shop local and drink micro-brewed beer. Maybe if I spent more time with Republicans I’d hear arguments in the opposite direction, but the macro-trend I’ve noticed recently in these American states is one where people don’t like companies too much. In fact, a February 2012 Inc. Magazine poll reports that only 61% of Americans have a favorable opinion of large corporations. That may still be a majority, but it’s not a very big one.

Perhaps this lower figure is part of the backlash from US government bailouts and the general state of our economy worldwide. Voting “unfavorable” in a poll is one thing. . .

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June, 2012