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Monday, May 4, 2015

Columns and Commentary

Off the Map: Cyprus - a dividing issue

Kate Edwards

From time to time in this column, I find it useful to highlight a specific geopolitical issue that can act as an ideal backdrop for illustrating a number of complex cultural, historical and political interrelationships. While the idea is to discuss the issue itself in some detail, the real goal is to help draw out important principles of content design and distribution for any type of product development.

For this purpose, I’d like to focus on the country of Cyprus, an island nation located in the eastern Mediterranean Sea, just south of Turkey and west of Lebanon and Syria. Many people tend to know Cyprus as being one of the choice resort locations in the Mediterranean region, and it certainly is that, but the country has experienced a good deal of conflict and cultural friction, particularly over the past several decades.

The culture of Cyprus has ancient origins, having been occupied by the Hittites, Greeks, Assyrians, Persians and Romans. Later, it came under the control of the Byzantines and ...

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March, 2012