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Monday, May 25, 2015

Out of My Mind:
Flowbee School of Hair Design


The first time I cut my hair by myself I experienced a new sense of freedom. It was like receiving my first bicycle, buying my first car and going off to college. The ties to the barber were forever severed. I've gotten better since then, except for the back of my head, which still turns out sort of “chunky.” I'm never embarrassed, though, as nobody really ever complains about my hair, but I do notice they are quick to congratulate me each time I come in with a fresh cut.

I was actually more embarrassed when my “Flowbee” arrived at the office the other day. Everyone was clamoring and joking that I actually bought one. This is one of those products that appear on TV only really late at night during the very bad sci-fi movies. Its claim is to allow you to cut your hair yourself without any mess by hooking the clippers to a vacuum cleaner. After carrying the phone number in my wallet for several years, I finally broke down and ordered one, hoping it would solve my “chunky” problem and make it easier for me to cut my hair more often. I tried it out that very evening and, as you can tell in the picture above, it worked great!

Well, now marks yet another personal freedom. I'm letting go of the day-to-day publishing of the magazine and getting some much needed help. Chris Bessler, from Keokee Co. Publishing, will take on the role of publisher for this next issue as a trial run. This is his line of work and he does it well and, most importantly, on schedule. This will leave me with the more creative aspects, the stuff I do well, and allow someone else to actually fine-tune the schedule and production of the magazine.

If everything looks good after this trial run, I will continue contracting with Keokee to publish the magazine--every two months. Such frequency has been a long awaited goal of mine and one that I have not obviously been able to achieve on my own. This takes production, advertising and many of the daily management tasks off of my plate. Whew! Our masthead reflects these changes and you should expect to see additional changes in staff, as well, as we get things settled.

Focusing on the role of editor, I will once again have time to chat on CompuServe, look for new and exciting products, attend more shows and seminars, talk on the phone endlessly about ideas and plans, travel more and have some personal time left over for music. This will give me a great deal of information and topics to choose from for editorial and provide a chance for me to meet many of you out there so you can tell me what you'd like to be reading. The ideas are already coming into my head for future issues: Worldwide Music, Localization Tools, Unicode Compliant Software, Electronic Translations, Handheld Dictionaries & Translators...

The end result is you will not only see me a bit more, with freshly cut hair, but will be receiving the magazine more often as well. Chris Bessler should be able to publish bimonthly almost immediately as he is quite familiar with what it takes. Expect now to see an issue on your door step every other month. As a commitment to this, I've also started putting the date in the masthead, for those of you who like that kind of stuff, and started numbering the issues sequentially so you'll know if you've missed any.

Now with more color! Check it out for yourself. For a color unconscious person like myself, this is quite a feat. And it sure looks cool, especially the four-color in the articles. Of course, the added benefit is that you can also see the faded red of the 1969 Red Rover that I just bought in the picture above. Getting this vehicle to move on its own has had to be put off till I got this issue out. Now just a few more things to fix -- brakes, clutch, fuel pump, carburetor, oh, and put those seats back in.

And really, I'm not trying to hide my new “Flowbee” haircut, it's just that I have to get this darn Land Rover ready for the coming rally in Vancouver. My hair looks OK. It does. Well, mostly. Now if I can only just reach that doohicky behind the wheel there...

— Seth

June, 1995