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Thursday, November 27, 2014

MultiLingual Computing, Inc. is the leading source of information for the language industry and businesses with global communications needs. This information takes several forms:


The magazine MultiLingual is our flagship product. Originating as a buyer’s guide in 1987, the magazine is distributed in print and digital format nine times a year (eight issues plus an annual resource directory/index) to readers in 67 countries. We cover topics ranging from technical internationalization to project management to language histories. We review new products and books and give you the latest news and opinions.

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You’re here! Check out the latest industry news at We update this information as often as we find news – usually daily. If you need to find a tool or service, see the list at Excerpts from selected magazine articles are also on this site. There’s a great set of downloadable special topic supplements at Browse around and make yourself at home!


For new thoughts and impressions of affairs in the industry, check out

Localization World

We partner with The Localization Institute to produce Localization World, a conference and networking organization dedicated to the language and localization industries. International product and marketing managers from high-tech, automotive, medical, financial and other manufacturing and service industries come to Localization World to meet language service and technology providers and to network with their peers in other companies and industries. Information on past and future conferences can be found at


The Worldware conference is dedicated to expanding markets via global software strategies. The three-day event explores the tools, concepts and materials to effectively plan, evangelize and deliver internationalization efforts.

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